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Vodka "Slavyanskaya"

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The main advantages of vodka "Slavyanskaya"

  • They are prepared on the basis of "De Luxe" alcohol, possess mild taste and vodka aroma with light bread touches
  • The specially softened water of the ultrafine purification
  • During the preparation of the vodka only natural components are used as the additives which are independently produced on the distillery from the high quality raw products. These are grain extracts, rye aromatic spirit and rye and wheat extracts.
  • Additionally the vodka undergoes the up-to-date facility of "Silver Filtration" that provides the improvement of its organoleptical properties - taste and aroma.
  • The ultrafiltration and the polish of vodka give the additional softness and transparency to the product
  • The exquisite taste and aroma.
  • The variety of tastes can satisfy the demands of the most exacting consumer. The optimum assortment of the tastes includes all the most popular tastes of the consumers.
  • The guaranteed permanent quality of the product.


  • Original branded bottle of high quality glass of the supreme transparency
  • The embossed image of an eagle on the shoulder part of the bottle is registered at Rospatent and safely protects the bottle from fakes.
  • The original metal cap
  • The four-positioned style label with the hot stamping and leaf pressing gives the exceptionally prominent and well-known look.

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