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Bitter Liqueur "Slavyanskaya Honey Pepper"

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The high quality bitter liqueur of umber colour has honey slightly burning flavour and slightly spicy harmonious aroma. The natural honey is used during the preparation of the liqueur. And also this liqueur contains fragrant herbs and spices such as:
  • cubeba the kind of allspice;
  • balm lemon and peppermint they are selected in June and August in the beginning of the blooming when they contain large quality of menthol. Mint also contains large quality of carotene and essential oils of pleasant refreshing aroma and cooling long lasting burning flavour;
  • Parsley is appreciated for the aroma that is according to the high oil content;
  • Cayenne pepper is obligatory ingredient of our liqueur that is not only its decoration but it also gives it spice, savour and harmony of the flavour.

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