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Saint Brendans Liqueur

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The kind of the liquor: the cream liqueur Saint Brendans

The raw product: cream, Irish whisky, sugar.

The sugar concentration: 20 grams per 100 milliliters.

The alcohol strength: 17%.

The flavour: fresh cream and old Irish whisky represent the really harmonious composition and it gives birth to the pure natural flavour of Saint Brendans Superior Irish Cream.

The splendid flavour of Saint Brendans Superior Irish Cream is appeared due to the fact that its production includes only fresh cream from the best local farms and Irish whisky of the triple distillation blended by the master of the world oldest distillery.

Recommendation for use:

The intense and yet soft flavour makes this liqueur ideal for every case. You can try it by itself or with ice. It is the wonderful addition to coffee and in the composition of the cocktails.

The legend about Saint Brendan

Saint Brendan was an Irish abbot of the prominent faith and courage. He took difficult and dangerous journeys to the far away unknown land in the 6th century. That time people believed that the Earth is flat and they thought that it is populated by dragons, sea monsters and other unknown terrors.

Saint Brendan was looking for the Paradise garden and the legend says that at last he reached the island of the extraordinary beauty and unbelievable fertility.

Who knows and may be the brave monk landed on the east coast of America 10 centuries earlier then Columbus?

Saint Brendan is the incarnation of Irish genuine perfect spirit.

The Irish, the creators of this liquor, believe that he would find out this excellent cream liqueur worthy of his name and really Paradise.

The producer:

Saint Brendans Irish Cream Liqueur Co. Ltd is situated in Derry, the capital of the North West district of Ireland. The history of Derry lasts more than 1400 years and nowadays it is the capital of the prosperous district of Ireland that is traditionally known both by its diary products and famous Irish whisky production.

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