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The Cognac House Camus was founded in 1863 by Jean Baptiste Camus.

Camus is specialised in Borderies, the smallest growing area in the cognac region, producing the rarest and most floral cognacs. Nowadays Camus blends Borderies in most of their cognacs to produce lighter in oak and aromatic cognacs. This is the case for their new range of blended cognacs Camus Elegance range, and also their Borderies XO, a single cru cognac blending 100% of Borderies cognacs, entirely drawn from the private stock of the Camus family.

The peculiarity of this cognac is the fact that it is the only company belonging to the descendant of the owner.

The other peculiarity of the company is the delivering of the cognac generally to export. Earlier it was the cognac provider to the royal households exceptionally.

Nowadays the company holds the fifth world place by the total volume of the production. It has 125 hectares of the own vineland and it also buys grape wine and spirits from 250 providers.

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