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Vodka "Gostiniy Dvor" is the classic of St. Petersburg.

Its character combines the harmonious Nevskiy symphony with the cold stone-framed mirror of the channels and the silver transparency of the white nights.

Vodka "Gostiniy Dvor" gives fire to a wet cold night, warms and brings together friends. Constraint disappears with it, eyes begin to sparkle and elegant composed St. Petersburg reveals its secrets.

Vodka "Gostiniy Dvor" is awarded by the numerous medals of the Russian and international exhibitions among which there is the gold medal "The Best Product of the Year" of the international exhibition PRODEXPO - 2005.

  • Gostiniy Dvor Cranberry
  • Gostiniy Dvor Grain
  • Gostiniy Dvor Original
  • Gostiniy Dvor Traditional

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