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New Russian Diamond Premium class vodka was introduced by Crystal Gross Group of Companies in 2004. Currently, Russian Diamond range includes two flavors Russian Diamond Premium and Russian Diamond Special Premium.

It takes 7 days to finish the complex production process of Russian Diamond vodkas.

Unlike other vodkas, Russian Diamond must go through the high-end Silver filtration facility, which improves the drinks taste and aroma.

Each bottle is to be rinsed with vodka before bottling to maintain the perfect quality of Russian Diamond.

Unique bottle design, as well as its labeling, were developed by Claessens International, London one of the worlds most authoritative and professional agencies, specializing in design for alcoholic products.

The unique bottle itself is produced in France by Saver Glass (also known for bottling Remy Martin, Finlandia, Chopin etc.), which guarantees the required highest level of quality.

Independent experts and tasters from all over the world highly estimate the superior flavor of Russian Diamond vodka. Taste, flavor and aroma qualities are repeatedly awarded with prizes and medals. The Two Russian Diamond vodkas have two Grand Prix, a Main Prize, Star, two National prizes, eighteen gold medals, seven silver medals, one bronze medal, seven Diplomas of Exhibitions and Contests held in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Milano, Sofia, Tokyo and Brussels.

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