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Vodka "Vysota de luxe"

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Vodka "Vysota De Luxe" is the first vodka in Russia that is prepared on the basis of melted water with the natural properties of the "Ice water".

The company "Crystall Gross" developed special technology and equipment that allows preparing biologically active melted water - so called "ice water" that is blended with "De Luxe" alcohol.

During the preparation melted ice water is purified of the admixtures by the natural freezing and it restores its natural property of the mineral composition at the molecular level.

The formulation consists of mountain honey, mountain sweet almond and mountain arnica that are collected in Carpathians. They give a specially mild and noble flavour to vodka "Vysota De Luxe".

The modern bottle design and the label decoration separate the bottle on the shop shelf and make an impression of the crystal purity and the mountain freshness.

The advantages of vodka "Vysota De Luxe":

  • the high reputation of the company "Crystall Gross"
  • the unique bottle and decoration
  • the unique technology of production and the formulation
  • the use of only natural mountain honey, mountain sweet almond and mountain arnica
  • additionally the vodka undergoes the up-to-date facility of "Silver Filtration" that provides the improvement of its organoleptical properties - taste and aroma.
  • Each bottle is rinsed by vodka before the bottling to keep the perfect quality of the product.

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