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The CAMUS EXTRA ELEGANCE is a multiple award winner in international tasting competitions, and certain to lease the most refined palates. This harmonious and velvety blend of superb old cognacs from the Borderies, Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne ant the very peak of their ageing, married so that each releases all its qualities in an explosion of aromas and flavours, requires the skill and patiently acquitted knowledge of five generations of the same family. The CAMUS EXTRA ELEGANCE gift box protects and displays the beautiful decanter and enhances its precious content, making it an exquisite gift. The CAMUS EXTRA ELEGANCE decanter is soberly modern, yet already a classic. A marriage of metal and glass, the decanter tested the finest glassmakers to the limit. The CAMUS EXTRA ELEGANCE the reference for all cognacs above XO Competing against brands in the perfume, cosmetics and premium spirits industries, CAMUS has received Best of the Luxury Category distinction (Platinum Award) for showing creative excellence in brand packaging design for its EXTRA ELEGANCE.

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