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Bitter Liqueur "Slavyanskaya Cranberry"

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It contains the natural alcoholized fusions made of fresh cranberry, cherry and dried bilberry.

  • for our liqueur we select only ripe cranberry in late autumn when the frost starts that gives the opportunity to obtain more juicy, tasty and sour berries that is rich of ascorbic acid and citric acid, pectins and nutritious microelements.
  • We use medium or large cherry of dark-red colour, juicy and sour-sweet, of excellent taste that are mature in July.
  • Bilberry is wide spread in the moderate climate of European part of Russia, of west Siberia, on the Caucasus. It is prepared in July and August, air-dried and then dried out by the thin layer in the Russian stove with the temperature of 60 degrees of Celsius. Bilberry is very healthy due to the high concentration of the tanning elements, citric acid and malic acid. It is included into the pilots and astronauts ration as the components improving the eye-sight.
  • Besides the infusions the liqueur contains the alcoholized extracts of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon and honey.

Semisweet Liqueur Slavyanskaya Cranberry

It contains the natural alcoholized infusions prepared from fresh cranberry, cherry and dried bilberry. Besides the infusions the composition includes cinnamon and linden blossom alcoholized extracts and honey. The linden blossom alcoholized extract is prepared during five days. The liqueur strength is 40 %.

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